About Us

What is a Cinemaquette?

What if the great moments in cinema could step out of the screen and into your living room? Not merely a poster or a toy, but a stunningly accurate, three-dimensional memento of some of the most popular characters in modern film.

Lavishly produced and detailed, each Cinemaquette immortalizes its subject with breathtaking vividness - a work of art fit for a museum, yet still affordably priced for any home or office.

Getting down to details

Each Cinemaquette recreate its subject in 1:3 scale, with an approximate height of 24 inches, varying for authenticity. Making use of a revolutionary silicon sculpting process, the Cinemaquettes provide unheard-of realism and detail in the likenesses of the subject, to a degree never before seen in mere collectibles or statues.

The structures of the bodies themselves are constructed from die-cast metal and polystone resin, while the character's clothing and equipment are reproduced in full detail. Each Cinemaquette rests on a trademark pedestal, in front of an appropriate diorama-style setting.

Limited in number, unlimited in quality

Each Cinemaquette release is limited in production, with no more than 1,000 created for each edition. The same skills and techniques used by Hollywood’s special-effects wizards to create the original films are used to replicate these movie icons.

Toynami works closely with the motion-picture studios, gaining access to their archives and prop departments, so as to reproduce the costumes and accessories as accurately as possible.

Introducing Cinemaquette Presents

Bringing all the craftsmanship and attention to detail that the Cinemaquette name is famous for, Cinemaquette Presents… will now devote that same level of quality to an all-new product line of cinematic props and costume pieces from some of the most popular films in movie history.

Cinemaquette Presents will feature not only new collectible creations by the designers, craftsmen and sculptors behind Cinemaquette, but also exciting new offerings from some of the most talented artists and artisans in the industry. Only the finest products that meet our standards of quality and aesthetic excellence will be sold under the Cinemaquette banner.